Tuesday, March 25, 2014

on dupes

Welcome back to my blog! Let's get cracking again because I have so much to share with you peeps! 

Dupes are like my thing, (other than decorating with curtains, which is totally my thing too, but that's another story). I love finding a product that is cheaper than another product, but the cheaper one does the exact same thing as the expensive one.  You follow? okay onward! 

1. The Original: Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil $36
Drugstore Dupe:  Garnier  Clean+Nourishing cleansing oil for dry skin $8
This cleansing oil takes makeup off like a dream while leaving your skin moisturized.  Make sure to read the directions because oils require a different application.

2. The Original: Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter $42
Drugstore Dupe: ELF Golden Bronzer $6
I reach for the ELF highlighter over the Dior because it adds a more subtle shimmer to the tops of my cheeks. They are crazy similar but I notice a tiny bit more metallic shimmer in the Dior. This can be used on medium to dark skin as a highlight, or on light skin as a color booster.

3. Smashbox Photofinish Primer $36
ELF Studio Mineral Infused  Primer $6
These perform the exact same on me as well as the other faces I have used it on! They are both silicone based(caution for those will acne-prone skin!), very smooth and slippery to the touch and give your makeup extra staying power.

4. Mac Shy Girl Lipstick $16
Rimmel Nude Delight lipstick $6
The best drugstore nude lippie in my oh so humble opinion.  It is creamy, pigmented, and moisturizing.  Go get you some.

5. MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel $17
Maybelline Lasting Drama by Eyestudio Gel eyeliner $9
I actually like the dupe WAY better than the original.  The Maybelline lasts longer on my eyes, applies without any tugging or skipping, and stays smoother and creamier in the pot.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

well it looks like I have some explaining to do! I have taken quite the break but we are going to jump right back into this in about two weeks time with a regular posting schedule because I have so much to tell you, and so many products to talk about! 

Miss you! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

easy lip products

When it comes to beauty I would have to classify myself as medium to high maintenance.  I like fancy perfumes, I wear false eyelashes on a semi regular basis.  Right now I am wearing concealer, highlighting concealer, and highlighter on my face all at the same time. I spend five minutes a day moisturizing my skin, and I exfoliate every three days, I enjoy a good mud mask.   You get the idea.
 But I am aware that some women just want quick, easy beauty additions to their routine.  Some women don't like re-applying lipstick every few hours (oh I so do like that, I can't help it!) So here is a little list of my top low maintenance lip products.  The colors are extremely wearable and most can be applied without a mirror. Adding a pop of color or a neutral lip that looks finished can add a little extra umph and update your look.


no flash

1. Revlon Kissable balm stain (honey): These balms stain your lips with opaque and moisturizing color that last for hours without budging, smearing or fading.   Honey is a perfect pinky mauve shade. It has a minty scent, and all balm stains have a chunky crayon packaging and a twist up applicator.

2.  Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm stain (Cranberry Crush): Almost the exact same formula as Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, but for a third of the price!  These little gems can be found at Walgreens.  (Another favorite color is Honey Love, it is a neutral nude mauve.)

3. NYX Butter Gloss (Apple Strudel): These glosses are super creamy, shiny and moisturizing.  They are non-sticky and perfect if you are looking for a quick, easy no mirror application.

4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer: This was the only product that healed my sister's severely dried lips due to Accutane.  One coat is the perfect base for any lipstick or gloss, but two coats will leave you with a super shiny finish.  Plus it has SPF 15!

5. Revlon Lip Butter ( Pink Truffle): This is my favorite formula of the bunch.  It is a super moisturizing lipstick with a variety of beautiful colors. (I own six shades but my favorite universal color is Berry Smoothie).  They wear about two hours and fade evenly on the lips.  While they are pigmented they can easily be applied without a mirror.  If you aren't a lipstick person because it is too fussy, this would be a great one to try!

6.  Revlon Kissable Balm Stain(Smitten): This bright pink lip stain is perfect if you want a pop of color without having to worry about it smudging all over your face.  You can apply it quickly and not worry about it for the rest of the day or night.

Monday, November 4, 2013

the time i wore false lashes for no reason

Sometimes I wear false eyelashes.  I used to wear them only out clubbing (yeah, that doesn't happen very often) or to something extra fancy.  But then one day, I just put them on.  For no reason.  And you know what? I liked it.

I discovered that applying lashes was much faster than my mascara routine (layering 4 coats of mascara gets monotonous.) And peeling them off at night did not result in raccoon eyes.  SO then I was like, I am going to do this more.  A lot more. For two weeks.  So here I am, doing a serious experiment, an eyelash experiment.

  I am kind of confused about the eyelash world, like how long can lashes stay on before I need to take them off? How many times can I wear a pair of lashes? Do I want to buy the natural or dramatic kinds? Will people think I am weird?  What if one falls off and I don't feel it? Will they blow away in the wind?
Any good experiment has a hypothesis so this is mine: Wearing false eyelashes every day is NOT weird or completely silly.
So I will be giving you my thoughts, opinions, ramblings, and pictures of lashes for the next couple of weeks.  Oh gosh I am excited.  And i sort of think you should join me.  If you are a total lash newb, go HERE to see how to apply falsies. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The first blogger I ever followed did this thing called "Awkward and Awesome Thursday." It was a magical blog day dedicated to the... you guessed it, awkward and awesome things that were going on in her life.  But she stopped this amazing tradish (or tradition, for those of you who don't believe in abbreviations) and I miss it. It was hilarious and really made you think "wow, I get her." And I would really love for you and me to feel like we get each other, you know? 

So I am starting my own tradish... Weird and wonderful Wednesday.  The word awkward is overused and most things people call awkward aren't even that awkward, but things in life can get pretty weird, so we are going with that.  Lets begin

-These photos of my puppy attacking my face.  She loves nose holes.
-The chair in my class that I will be stuck in for the remainder of the semester.  It is lopsided, which makes me crazy nervous it is just going to snap, and I will fall with a booming crash onto the floor.  Cue people grabbing their cell phones and snap chatting my embarrassment to their friends. 
-Don Jon.  SO many porn shots. But I love Joseph Gordon Levitt, so part of this should go in wonderful.
-When you make a friend in class but you don't remember their name. Then time passes and you still don't know their name but you sit and chat with them for half the semester so by this point you're in too deep to ask them their name.  Then you decide to be partners for a group project and have to write their name down on the request sheet...
-Going a few days too long not shaving your legs because it's been cold and you've been wearing pants, then it warms up so you throw on shorts, and realize when you are in public what you have done.

-I built a semi-big shelf all by myself.  My makeup sits in those little shelf cubbies like a beacon of joy reminding me that I can use tools.
-The movie Prisoners.  It is crazy sad, awesome, suspenseful and you should go see it. 
-My Bed Head  Curlipops 1 inch reverse curling wand.  It gives really fun, spunky ringlets, and they bounce around when I walk.  I got the technique from THIS tutorial.
-My sis and I are going to see Matt Nathanson and Joshua Radin in concert very soon.  Happy dance! 
-Not having the Facebook.  It feels good people, I would totally recommend it.
-I have a Mindy Project from this week on Tivo that is waiting for me.  Oh Yes.  
- Fall lip colors

Monday, September 30, 2013

22 is the magic number

A couple of months ago I turned 22.  Growing up I always thought that post 20 would be my golden age.  
Back then I heard 21 was the magic number.  It was the age that I was supposed to be going out with friends all the time for "after work drinks"
By that point I would grow out of any residual young adult awkwardness and turn into my most awesome woman-self.  
I would have like a ton of friends 
and we would go out every weekend dancing and partying and be super awesome because these are the things that 21's and 22's do.  
I would meet really attractive men who were successful in business. They would want to take me out on dates.   22's would go on lots of dates.
This was the time I would know what I was doing with my life.
21's and 22's were going to be my PRIME.

So here I am, at 22.  I don't feel womanly. Actually, typing the word  "womanly" made me giggle.
  And even though I do have fabulous friends, we don't go out for after work drinks.  The fancy drinks I pictured in my mind when I was young turned out to be very expensive.
I did just meet a man who takes me on dates, but before that I was only accustomed to very awkward "hang out" sessions.

I hope 22 isn't my prime.  I am happy with my life but Sheesh, whoever got it into my head that 22 was a magic number should be slapped scolded. I have no idea what my big life plan is but I am grateful for my 22-ness, even if it's a little different from what my younger self thought it would be.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My mom and sister  have the prettiest nail beds and the ability to grow their natural nails out quite long.  I normally wear my nails on the shorter side so their long nails, while being very well groomed freaked me out!  But clearly they were right all along because the nail trends lately have been leaning toward long nails whether acrylic or natural.

So I began growing mine out just to see.  And with the help from a few nail potions and pills, they became long, strong and healthy.  Here is what I did...

1.  If you want to grow out your hair/nails these really do make a huge difference.  I take one pill once a day and after a few weeks I noticed my nails growing much faster. Can't say I noticed any difference in my hair though.

2. I am a polish lover so this step was difficult for me but I decided to only use this gel top coat on my nails for two weeks.  It is a protein-rich gel coating that strengthens, seals and protects. I would remove and re-apply a new coat every four days and my nails looked so clean and shiny.

3.  Once the two weeks were up I used OPI's Nail Envy (the one with the green writing!) as a base coat when I painted my nails.

4.  During the time I was using my gel top coat or regular polish, I would only remove the products with non-acetone polish remover. I seriously love how quick and easy acetone takes off my polish, but it did leave my nails feeling dehydrated and brittle so I switched it out for a gentler formula.

and this is what my nails looked like after a month of serious nail management...